Monday, February 2, 2009

Den outing (no 2) - The Stratford Hoard

Eight of my guitars and nearly my entire output of diy pedals are in an exhibition at Stratford Underground station (near the entrance to the DLR platforms) for the next couple of months, curated by Alan Kane. The exhibition showcases the collections of local people, and this is the third phase - my stuff and a ton of Beatles memorabilia. The previous phase had wind-up toys, black baby dolls, lots of different kinds of adhesive tape and packets of sugar, and 8 copies of Michael Jackson's 'Bad' LP. Here I am on the day they were installed, along with a couple more pics I took at the weekend. Stratford Hoard - me by the pedal case - happy! Stratford Hoard - guitar showcase Stratford Hoard - pedal showcase I'll probably upload some more photos to the set on my Flickr page also: Transport For London blurb, not up-to-date

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Pepe Rush said...

Hello Simon, your site did not make it clear when the exhibition ended, is it still on?

Pepe Rush