Sunday, March 8, 2009


I've been building a JHS Shatterbox for Sean in Birmingham, and getting stuff together for two Pep fuzzes for The Rave-Ups in California, and designing labels and logos for my forthcoming low-level pedal building enterprise (Good Fuzzy Sounds), but there are other things going on too. First of all the poster for my guitars + pedals exhibition is up on the London Underground, from Stepney Green to Sudbury Hill and all points in between - here's one at Embankment, the exh is on until May: Plus, I've been doing some 4-track recording, using the same stuff as at the February gig, and have added a v short lo-fi phone video from the gig to my soundclick page. The new track is less extreme than what you'll hear there, and is 19 mins long - I might have to upload it in 2 parts. Here are some photos fom the gig too - in the first one I'm adjusting the Thumpa Thumpa Box (subject of a future post), and the second, playing the Monatron: Ok - proper post soon.

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